Psychic Counterintelligence Agent Going Public:                                         David Alan Liddle
FBI's "
Cointelpro" Linked to Organized Crime                                              1743 Russell St.
                                                                                                                    Berkeley CA 94703

It was at MIT, they set me up with a job and a dorm room for the summer in 1971. I never found out who arranged this,
but they obviously wanted a murder solved. Someone told me to get in the habit of riding my bike around the esplanade,
starting at the stairs leading down from the Boston University bridge. On a Saturday night around midnight in early June,
I met some people at the stairs, they were also investigating the murder; they said someone had a gun and I should go
find a cop. That took me fifteen minutes, and he wouldn't investigate. I think it was a Polish agent. I decided to forget the
whole thing and went home. The next morning at six I found the body, she was sitting up with a stocking tied around her
neck to a bench. I called the police, and told them I didn't want to be involved any further. The cop said he thought I was
much more involved.

That summer I had been sent to the Russian recruiter to see if I could become a KGB agent. He asked about my political
affiliation to the international democracy movement, and said I couldn't. Two organized crime
connected instructors at
MIT told the FBI that I was resisting rape. The FBI probably thought I was a  KGB agent. And they had me investigate the
communists. The FBI hypnotized me on
scopolamine, and in 1977, the communists at MIT and Harvard did what they
called the split brain experiment on me; my boss pushed a pressure point on my spinal column, which lowered my
resistance to their hypnosis. I thought they'd get caught doing this. The government knew the whole story, they never
paid damages, and the three FBI agents were shot.  By February 1979, I completely lost control of my mind and spent
the next 24 years living on the street. The FBI and the communists had destabilized my mind by raping me and all my

In 1985, I was reading the Boston Globe about a murderer who had gotten out of prison for a murder in 1971 at the
Boston University boat house. The body had been found under the BU boathouse with a lot of blood. She'd been raped,
obviously. I had nothing to do in 1985 with my whole life, so I got involved in the crime solution. I think the body I found
was an investigator: Barbara Ann Bogdan. The "murderer" was probably the guy I met there a little past midnight
Saturday night. The "murderer" was caught when an anonymous tip located the guy's bloody diner jacket hidden in a
church. Obviously the gunman planted the evidence. I think this operation was undertaken by the
Antichrist.   See www.

In 1969 I had been recruited to be a shadow telepathic agent of the NSA. To read about these people see www.acsa.
net/paranormal_agents_at_the_nsa_by.htm; my web site on this is They sent me on a
mission to MIT to solve this case. As I understand it, decades later, the motive was to blow the cover of the
counterintelligence agents to the criminals taking over the government by mass hypnosis, after the Kennedy
assassination. But this played into our strong suit, who are they anyhow if they're blowing the cover of
counterintelligence; they'd have to be the spies.

                                           A MILITARY COUP AGAINST THE CRIMINAL MIND
I went to Stevens Institute and joined
counterintelligence.  A representative of the NSA showed up to teach an operating
system course in the spring of 1969, and sent me on my way to MIT to investigate an espionage ring that was becoming
obvious there. In 1963, the Chinese were planning a historic coup against the criminal mentality, which objective I
shared with them. A long meeting of the minds developed, involving the Kennedy assassination plot, and what to do
about it.  Scientists’ status in the future was being threatened by a move to establish military authority, as part of an
implicit deal with organized crime.

                                                                    Senate Testimony

The story begins about a year after I was born in Chicago, the government came to University of Chicago looking to
create a program to find and promote child geniuses for the future supremacy of the American sciences. My father
eventually pursued a doctorate in child psychology there, and I think he promoted my candidacy to be one of the genius
children. I found no mention later of this program, so I think it became a big secret, and as the story progresses I think
you'll see why.

There was going to be a war with the hypnotists, that's what I heard when I was young, this as a result of a collision with
the "criminal universe". Some people thought they were cannibals, others talked publicly about "psychic vampires". The
question was over who knew which of the dreams before consciousness was going to become reality. It was the one the
hypnotists said was a lie, and the liars said was true. When I was nine, I talked with someone in Texas who said that they
had discovered that the Chinese criminals had invented themselves to oppose us when the Texans worked with the
Chinese physicists to invent their own minds and invent gravity in the common dream reality. He asked me to remember
that he had told me this, because they were all going to forget it all.